Politics by Data: Is big data helping or hurting politics?

Labour Party Conference Fringe Event

Political parties across the world are recognising the power in big data to target and reach new and influential constituencies. As the internet increasingly becomes a platform for information warfare from internal and external threats, there are growing concerns around the role that big data analytics might be playing in destabilising democracies. How can we better harness the myriad ways in which big data can be a force for good within our political systems, and address the emergent challenges it can bring?


Date and time

Monday 24th September, 6.00pm – 8.00pm


Concourse Room 2, ACC Liverpool

This event will be situated inside the secured zone at Labour Party Conference 2018. Event attendees must be in possession of a relevant conference pass to obtain admittance.


Seema Malhotra MP

Lord Andrew Adonis

Joe Harrod, COO, Signify

Alex Krasodomski-Jones,  Researcher CASM, Demos

Polly Mackenzie, Director, Demos (Chair)

More to be announced


If you have any questions about this event, please contact the events team via email; [email protected]

This event is kindly supported by Signify.