OSB on Ice: What next for digital rights?

Human rights and digital rights have become key points in the Conservative leadership contest – with the future of the Online Safety Bill dividing candidates, as well as discussions about freedom of expression, the ECHR, refugee policy, and LGBT rights. We’ve also recently seen Government put forward its proposals for a new British Bill of Rights: one which has been met with significant concern from across civil society that it will undermine the level of protection that UK citizens have against interference with their rights.

This event will explore how human rights protections interlink with the protection of digital rights, and vice versa – where there are technological threats to, and where technology protects, human rights. It will seek to answer the question: what could the ramifications of the current political landscape be for the future of the relationship between technology and citizens, and how can we best protect digital human rights?

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Doors will open at 17:30 and the formal start time will be 18:00. Beverages will be provided.

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