Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself? Social, economic and political insecurity in Germany

Demos (UK) and d|part (Germany) think tanks held a private stakeholder briefing, hosted with Das Progressive Zentrum, where they presented the findings of a major new project examining how a rising culture of fear is sweeping Europe – fuelling populism, dividing societies, and threatening to destabilise democratic institutions.

The briefing outlined the key insights from the German case study within the project, developed in consultation with citizens and political elites, and compared and contrasted these with other European nations included in the study.

The briefing was followed by a discussion that explored the rise of far-right parties and populism in Europe, the 2017 French and German elections, and how politicians and governments can restore trust with citizens, and defend liberal democracy, in the face of the trend towards authoritarianism.

This research was supported by the Open Societies Foundation.

Tuesday 25th April, 9.00-10.30
Das Progressive Zentrum, Werftstraße 3, 10557 Berlin