Money Talks: Harnessing the power of individual savers for tackling climate change

Considering the scale of the effort needed to tackle climate change, businesses, financial services, policymakers, and regulators need to work together, but they should also not overlook the power of the individual consumer. Individuals are increasingly conscious of how their personal investments whether in a simple savings account or in private pension funds, has an impact – how their money talks – and how individuals can hold companies accountable on their sustainability performance.

Rather than overlooking this trend, financial services and policymakers should be looking at how we can capitalise on it. Join Demos and AVIVA to discuss: how can personal spending and saving be part of our international action on climate change?

Speakers include:

  • Neil Parish MP
  • Marte Borhaug – Head of ESG Strategic Projects, AVIVA Investors
  • Dame Julie Mellor DBE (Chair)
  • Michael Kind – Campaign Manager, ShareAction
  • Richard Hardyment – Research Director, World Benchmarking Alliance
  • Charles Seaford – Senior Associate, Demos


Date: Tuesday 1st October

Time: 8:15am – 9:30am

Venue: Chester Suite, Midlands Hotel

This event is kindly supported by AVIVA Investors

Please note that this event takes place inside the secure zone. You will need a conference pass in order to attend.