Mediating Populism – Report Launch


On Monday 5 March Demos launched a new report exploring the role that traditional media play in both the legitimisation and discreditation of populist parties in Britain and Germany.

The report gives particular focus to the ways in which the growth of new media is transforming news practices, and how the rise of populism is reshaping the power dynamics between politicians and media institutions – and the democratic implications of these developments. We explore how the British media covered the EU Referendum, and what lessons can be learned for future campaigns.

Partnering with Das Progressive Zentrum and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, we are also comparing and contrasting these findings with the German media landscape, including the rise of the AfD.

This unique research is based on scores of candid, anonymised interviews with journalists, about the challenging decisions they take on a daily basis in the course of their work, and new public opinion polling about citizens’ engagement with, and expectations of, the media.

View and download the report.

With grateful thanks to our panellists and research partners, Das Progressive Zentrum and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung


  • Prof. Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent & Senior Fellow, Chatham House
  • Mark Di Stefano, Media and Politics Reporter, Buzzfeed
  • Lewis Goodall, Political Correspondent, Sky News
  • Laura Hughes, Political Correspondent, Financial Times
  • Sophie Gaston, Deputy Director, Demos
  • Philipp Sälhoff, Head of International Projects, Das Progressive Zentrum (Berlin).

View the video recording of the discussions.