Masterclass 8: Costing policy and using FOI

How much will it cost to hire 10,000 more police officers? We’ve all seen it happen: even brilliant campaigns can fall apart if the numbers aren’t accurate, or the background research hasn’t been done. Demos Director Polly Mackenzie will teach you the tricks of the trade to make sure your policy idea stands up to even the most aggressive and robust scrutiny. Getting the costings and the facts straight also makes it far easier to win your campaign: if decision makers trust your costings, they’re more likely to say yes. The masterclass will cover:

  • How to use FOI
  • Getting data from public sources and Parliamentary Questions
  • Explaining costs in ways people can understand
  • How to make robust guesstimates when the data isn’t there
  • Tactics for defending your calculations

This Masterclass will be delivered by Polly Mackenzie, Director

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