Launch of the Technology Education Project

On 22 January 2018, Demos think tank joined the Internet Watch Foundation for the launch of the Technology Education Project.

The event brought together an audience of high-level representatives from key interest groups to discuss how to build a more constructive dialogue and to work more collaboratively to balance the many positive aspects of digital media with its myriad evident challenges.

Panel members debated how best to improve literacy of these complex issues amongst politicians, journalists and citizens, to help shift what often becomes an extremely polarised public debate at the cost of measured, informed responses.

Demos presented the first of its briefing papers produced within this series, supported by the IWF, which focused on the hugely important issue of child sexual exploitation online. Future papers in the series will address issues such as encryption, hacking, the dark net, hate speech, cyber-bullying and personal cyber-security.

The Technology Education Project will produce a series of briefing papers and workshops seeking to establish a bridge between technology companies, the media, UK politicians and a range of independent experts.


  • Jamie Bartlett, Demos
  • Tom Cheshire, Sky News (Chair)
  • Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP
  • Vicky Ford, MP
  • Karim Palant, Facebook
  • Andrew Puddephatt OBE, Chair of the Internet Watch Foundation

Time and Date
Monday 22nd January 2018.
6pm-8pm, Westminster.