Is social media good for social action?

Online spaces have become rallying points for social action. Social, community and political organisations have turned to the web to organise, coordinate, spread the word and raise funds. From political rallies of hundreds of thousands to local community projects, digital channels have enabled new and existing forms of social action. We explore the ways in which these organisations have succeeded and failed, and ask whether the digital revolution has helped or hindered our ability to effect change offline, and what might we be doing better.


Date and time

Tuesday 25th September, 8.30am – 10.30am


Jurys Inn, Suite 6


This is a private, invite only round table discussion. To request an invitation please contact the events team via email: [email protected]

This event will be situated inside the secured zone at Labour Party Conference 2018. Event attendees must be in possession of a relevant conference pass to obtain admittance.


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