In Conversation with Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

In the race to design and redesign the internet, Western democracies have fallen behind, focusing on what we don’t want, and forgetting about what we do. A broad focus on harms and failures has taken precedence in governments and in the media at the expense of a clear articulation of the web we want to see.

Where international governments have articulated their vision for the internet, it is an authoritarian one, aimed at restricting the power of the internet to promote democratic participation, freedom of expression and a healthy information space.

Join Demos’ Director of CASM, Alex Krasodomski-Jones, as he sits down with Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, to discuss what we can be doing to promote an internet for good, and bring into being a strategy focused on maximising the positive potential of the internet.


Date: Monday 30th September

Time: 8:15am – 9:30am

Venue: Exchange 4, Manchester Central Convention Complex

Please note that this event takes place inside the secure zone. You will need a conference pass in order to attend.