Digital Citizens: Morality, Safety and Resilience in the Online Age

Demos held a panel discussion at Conservative Party Conference to discuss current online safety and digital citizenship policy and practice. From cyber bullying and trolling to grooming and child protection, the challenge of the digital world for young people is quickly rising to the top of political agendas. This session included a first sight of new primary research, conducted by Demos’ Centre for Analysis of Social Media, exploring the relationship between character and social media use, investigating not just what young people do online, but why they do it. This fringe event explored and considered how young people can be best equipped with the knowledge, skills and character attributes to make healthy choices and support positive engagement with social media.

Date & Time
Monday 2 October, 0800 – 0930

Vicky Ford MP
Jamie Bartlett, Demos
Alex Holmes, The Diana Award
Jonathan Baggaley, The PSHE Association

Chair: Nicholas Hellen, The Sunday Times

Exchange 2 & 3, Manchester Central, Manchester


This event was kindly supported by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, University of Birmingham