Demos at the 2015 Party Conferences

This year’s conference season falls just 5 months after the General Election and is likely to be the most dynamic and engaging conference seasons for many years. Many incoming Ministers are new to their portfolios, while the Opposition is set for a rethink about its ideological and intellectual direction.

As a genuinely cross-party think-tank, Demos delivers a full programme of incisive and broad-ranging events across the party conferences every year. 2015 will be no exception: using fresh and innovative formats to debate emerging policy and constitutional issues for the new parliament.

This year, Demos will be hosting events at four party conferences.

  • Liberal Democrats: Bournemouth, 19–23 September
  • Labour: Brighton, 27–30 September
  • Conservative: Manchester, 4–7 October
  • SNP: Aberdeen,16-17 October 2015