Changing Families and Feminist Blind Spots: Have female-friendly policies been captured by middle class feminists?

The third lecture in the Demos postliberalism series will be given by Professor Baroness Alison Wolf on feminism and family welfare.

What pass for family-friendly and female-friendly policies are often nothing of the sort. The debate about family, women and work has been dominated by a rather narrow band of highly educated professional women who have more in common with their male equivalents than with their lower status sisters who give a significantly higher priority to family life,  and face a very different job market.

Belinda Brown, Honorary Research Associate at UCL and Fellow of the Young Foundation will give a short response to the lecture and Emma Barnett, Women’s Editor, The Telegraph will chair.

The lecture series follows David Goodhart’s essay A Postliberal Future? published in the first issue of Demos Quarterly earlier this year.

Audio of the lecture & response can be heard here.

Prof Alison Wolf’s lecture slides can be viewed here. References to all stats and figures can be found in Aison’s book, The XX Factor: How Working Women are Creating a New Society.

Demos would like to thank the University of Westminster for supporting this event.