All Rise: Improving Diversity in the Legal Profession (Private Roundtable)

Demos held a private roundtable at Conservative Party Conference to discuss what more can be done to improve the diversity of the legal profession, including progression opportunities for minority groups, and access routes from a wider range of social backgrounds. Women and ethnic minority groups remain under-represented in the most senior positions of the legal profession, despite the gender and ethnicity balance being broadly representative overall. And the significant under-representation from those from less affluent backgrounds has yet to be tackled head-on.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority and Demos are keen to discuss what more can be done to support a modern, open and accessible legal profession that reflects the people it represents.


Date & Time
Monday 2 October, 1245 – 1400


Exchange 2 & 3, Manchester Central, Manchester


This event was kindly supported by the Solicitors Regulation Authority