A People’s Budget: How the public would raise taxes

It is very likely that taxes are going to have to go up in the UK – not now but in the medium to long term. This is not just down to the Coronavirus crisis, but because the population is getting older. The NHS and social care bills are rising, and the ratio of retired people to workers is decreasing. But tax rises are unpopular, meaning politicians face a dilemma.

With support from the Standard Life Foundation, Demos has been investigating how to resolve this dilemma. Join us for an online discussion at 4:30 PM on Thursday 24th September as we launch ‘A People’s Budget: How the public would raise taxes’, drawing on new public attitudes research on the support for tax rises.

Panellists include:

  • Polly Mackenzie – Chief Executive, Demos (Chair)
  • Nick Macpherson – Crossbench Peer and former Permanent Secretary to HM Treasury
  • Liam Byrne – Labour MP and former Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  • David Gauke – former Conservative Cabinet Minister, including Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Work and Pensions Secretary, and Justice Secretary
  • Charles Seaford – Senior Fellow, Demos
  • Ben Glover – Deputy Research Director, Demos

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