Demos Projects

Demos Projects is a new consultancy which uses the insights and research archive of Demos to implement change. We assemble teams of senior people to diagnose and solve problems, going beyond analysis and planning.

“As a consultancy with the heritage of Demos at its back and the research capability of Demos at its front, we have access to insights that are not commonly available in the market place for consultancy,” says co-chief executive Phil Collins. “Demos also has unrivalled convening power; our network of associates is of the highest calibre.”

The range of topics on which we work is similar to, but not necessarily limited to, the range of topics on which Demos is working. Our areas of particular interest at the moment are:

  • The life chances of the least well-off
  • School readiness
  • Towns that progress has left relatively untouched
  • The analysis of social media
  • Strategies for combating radicalisation
  • Ethical leadership
  • Personalised health and social care

“The purpose of Demos Projects is, in conversation with a client, to identify a clear problem,” says co-chief executive Kieran Brett. “We pledge to diagnose the cause and help to improve the outcomes. The point is that the world gets better, not that the act of consultancy is committed.”

Teams of Associates are assembled for and tailored to each project. Demos Projects is run by its joint chief executives, Philip Collins and Kieran Brett. Philip is a former Chair of Demos and Kieran a former Trustee. Both have considerable experience in central and local government in the business of improving the implementation of policy. Philip and Kieran both worked in 10 Downing Street under Tony Blair. Kieran has also worked at the Audit Commission, the No10 Delivery Unit and as a Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Health.

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