The ‘Age of Outrage’ is bringing us down

The sky may be grey, at least over the Demos offices, but today is Optimism Day for us. Just a couple of months after we launched our Optimism Project, the first results are in.

Our findings are clear: political division – what I call the “Age of Outrage” – is stoking national pessimism.

We’ve mapped optimism across the country, and across the domains of people’s lives from their own health to the impact of technology on our workers. And there’s only one thing everyone is gloomy about – politics.

If we want to build a new, optimistic vision for Britain – heal our national divisions and come together with a sense of purpose again…

We need to end the Age of Outrage. Urgently.

The majority of UK adults (76%) want to see politicians of different parties collaborating more to solve the issues the UK faces. And get this: generally, people have a broadly good or neutral opinion of those who disagree with them politically.

We need to find a new way of doing politics, that’s in keeping with the values of collaboration and compromise our citizens value.

There’s lots more in the full report:

  • How optimism gets stronger on issues that are closer to home
  • How optimism varies between men and women, young and old, north and south

We’re launching Optimism this evening at the offices of our research partner Opinium – the New Statesman’s Stephen Bush, and Big Tent Ideas Festival founder, George Freeman MP will be with us. We’ll make a video for all those who can’t join us and share it soon.

Remember: generous supporters like you are funding this research. If you want to see more on restoring Britain’s optimism, please contribute. We need to raise £5000 to cover the costs of our next publication.


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