Working with Demos

Work with Demos and help us bring to life an aspirational narrative about the future of Britain that is rooted in the hopes and ambitions of people from across our country.

Fund research

We carry out independent research across a whole range of policy areas, including democracy, welfare, education, the future of technology, economy and local growth, the future of work.

As a charity, we depend on funders and sponsors to support our work. If you are interested in supporting research in one of these areas, or would like to hear more about our research programmes, please email Demos’ Chief Executive, Polly Mackenzie.

Sponsor events

Demos runs a full events programme, bringing together top politicians and policymakers, leading writers and academics, business figures and other expert thinkers. If you’d like to sponsor an event on a particular topic, or if you are interested in Demos’ party conference programme, please see our brochure and contact Maeve Thompson, our Director of External Affairs.

Make a donation

Donating to Demos will help us to produce cutting edge policy research and help find solutions for the biggest challenges faced by the UK today. As an independent registered charity, we place a great value on personal contributions from individuals and bringing the voice of the people to Westminster. Donate.