Our Work

Demos has five research areas, which encompass a breadth of work that is both expansive and imaginative, and also tightly focused around our core ethos. These programmes are united by their emphasis on creative, innovative and forensic analysis and the value they place in constructive solutions, which empower citizens and encourage collaboration across sectors.

Empowered Citizens

Demos is working to put people back in charge of their lives, restoring a sense of agency and control to our citizens. We’re looking for ways of renewing our democracy as well as giving people more control at work, in public services, and in the welfare system. We’re champions of innovative models of ownership, from mutuals to community land trusts. We believe education, at all stages of life, is a vital investment to ensure everyone has the capacity to take their life in the direction they choose.

Power and Institutions

Demos is concerned with how the changes many people want to see can come about. We are therefore looking at how power is acquired and exercised, and at the institutions, from local to global, through which this happens. Our initial focus is on four areas where there is scope for changing the way power is exercised: investment, international institutions, industrial strategy, and democratic endorsement of taxation.

Inclusive Communities

Demos is working to end the divisiveness of identity politics and bring people together. We want to put public services at the heart of community building and integration, shaping a shared British experience where all are valued and empowered. We’re looking for policies that unite the interests of young and old, and restore both sides’ hope that lives should get better between generations.

Shared Prosperity

The economic divide – between people and places – has become unsustainably wide. For a nation to hold together, every place and every person needs a stake in economic growth. Consumer markets need to be open, competitive and inclusive. Demos is working to find ways to make the most of the digital transition of our economy to improve outcomes for the places and the people who have been left behind.


Demos’ dedicated digital research hub has unique insights and expertise across tech policy and its impact on our society, economy and democracy. CASM, in a joint venture with the University of Sussex, has pioneered the use of machine learning to interpret ‘natural language’ big data. This enables Demos to understand people, and conduct social research, at an unparalleled scale.