2019 End of Year Report

For Demos, 2019 was a year of growth, impact and innovation.

Demos published almost 30 reports this year, across a range of policy areas, focusing where solutions are urgently needed, including labour markets, financial inclusion, social care, housing and communities. In total, our reports have produced more than 200 policy recommendations, which we have taken to policymakers, parliamentarians and the business community. 

We hosted over 40 events with politicians from across the spectrum, challenging them to think outside of party politics to find lasting solutions. We attended Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative Party Conferences, holding 20 events with 11 partners and over 80 speakers.

Demos also developed a Public Participation Lab – a range of tools including online deliberation, polling and citizens assemblies – which will launch in early 2020 and which will work to bring people back into the centre of the policy decisions that affect them most.

Looking forward to 2020, Demos Chief Executive, Polly Mackenzie, said:

“I’m incredibly excited about what 2020 holds. We will be doing our own polling and public opinion research. We’ll be launching new tools for online deliberation. We’ll generate ideas and campaign for change. I hope you’ll join us.”

Read about what Demos has been up to in 2019, and learn about our vision for 2020 here.