Education must go digital

The way young people use technology outside school is changing and so are the ways they learn. This project, funded by the NCSL, aims to explore children's informal learning with digital media such as games consoles, the internet and mobile phones. There are three main areas of focus:

  • How young people are engaging with digital media - especially when it has not been designed to be explicitly educational. What are they learning in terms of skills, networking and collaboration?
  • The potential for a new digital divide to open up which is based on parental support for media use rather than access to hardware.
  • How schools can respond to these issues.
Their Space
Hannah Green, Celia Hannon
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Their Space: Education for a digital generation draws on qualitative research with children and polling of parents to counter the myths obscuring the true value of digital media.

Pupils get revision help by text

Pupils at a school in Buckinghamshire have been getting extra help with GCSE revision by texting their teachers.


IPA Touchpoints survey

The survey, conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) questioned 5,010 people through a substantial self-completion questionnaire and a PDA (personal digital assistant) time-based diary that collected data every half hour for a week on how they were spending their time, their opinions, and the role of media in their lives.

Australian Teachers Encourage Gaming

A small but growing number of teachers across Australia are using computer games, and simulation programs, as educational tools.


How to do your homework on the bus, with a little help from a school i pod.

Twenty-three pupils at Astley Community high school in Seaton Delaval will be given iPods in September at the start of their GCSE year in an attempt to encourage them to practice foreign languages outside the classroom. The pupils, who are studying French and Spanish, will be able to download tailormade study material to their iPods from the school's website.


Dr Joolz: Snapshotz on Life: Flickr in the classroom

Dr Joolz: Snapshotz on Life: Flickr in the classroom


Formal e-Learning is not Enough

Jay Cross, the man who coined the term e-learning recently explained in an interview with Kineo, the leading learning consultancy, that he’s "actively backing away from the term e-learning", and towards the broader spectrum of informal learning.

South Bromsgrove school - casestudy

Teach virtually everything - what happens when learning goes online?

Arnewood school casestudy

Integrated learning - using ICT to morivate and challenge students

qca-06-2689_hook.pdf (application/pdf Object)

casestudy of a timetable-free school

Cornwallis Technology College

Cornwallis technology college have just been awarded the new ICT mark by Becta for using ICT to support all learners and all school activities

Digital Beginnings: Young children's use of popular culture, media and new technologies

This report presents findings of a study exploring young people's use of popular culture, media and new technologies in the home through a series of interviews with over 1,800 parents and carers and over 500 early years practitioners

Children and Young People's Home Use of ICT for Educational Purposes:The Impact on Attainment

Report by Professor Gill Valentine, Dr Jackie March and Professor Charles Pattie that explores the links between children's educational use of ICT at home and their performance and attainment at school. Based on research conducted in the summer term 2004, in 12 schools.

FT - Most UK youth on social networking sites

FT - Most UK youth on social networking sites

TDA futures - teaching 2012

The TDA ran 9 regional seminars to bring together practitioners from across England to consider the future of their work in an intellectually structured session - this is the result

BBC NEWS | Technology | Xbox outlines 'YouTube for games'

Microsoft to develop software for the Xbox 360 which will let non-professionals develop titles and then share them via the Xbox Live online service.

Reimagining Higher Education

Thinking about the future of higher education in the context of the Long Tail, the Play Ethic and Cradle to Cradle sustainability


TV gets left behind as kids head for the web

A new survey has shown that two thirds of kids spend more time online than watching TV. More than half use Social Networking sites every week.


Carphone Warehouse : Mobile Life Report

Survey mapping the public's attitudes to, and uses of, mobile phones. Some interesting stats.

Something Wiki this way comes

Is wikipedia just for lazy students, or is it really at the forefront of an academic revolution

Teachers victims of cyber-bullys

Increasing numbers of teachers are becoming victims of cyber-bullying from both pupils and parents, a teachers' organisation has said.

Jan 10

schools and social networking

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has just released the overview of their latest...

Jan 4

Their Space Podcast

It's the seventh Demos podcast, and the first of 2007.Podcast seven sees Hannah and...

Jan 4

‘Twas the week after Christmas and all through the office, not a sound could be heard...

...not even a bop-it, Wii, X-box or any of the other games that we’ve been keeping...

Aug 30

Joining up the dots

The more we find about young people's changing relationship with digital media the more...