A recent article in the Chinese paper, the People's Daily, demonstrates just how global English is.  It mentions a Russian, teaching English in the training department of a premier Chinese hotel.

That's pretty much the reality of global English and it's something to which the UK will have to accommodate.  Examples of Chinglish are easy to come by.  However, no matter how humorous the misunderstandings may on occasion be, we mustn't let them distract from this reality.

First, 'Chinglish' can come across as being patronising.  In China, as all over the world, skills in English are far in advance of the UK's skills in foreign languages. 

Second, the Chinese government is actively tightening up on 'Chinglish', seeking cut down the number of misunderstandings and losses in translation. 

This raises a couple of points that we're investigating in this project:
  1. The need to develop our capacities in other languages.
  2. The need to accommodate the different Englishes that are emerging as speakers of other langauges learn it in their own terms

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