There are over 22,000 common sense ideas on the US 'Since Sliced Bread' website ranging from 'eradicate currency of all forms' to 'wean our nation from dependence on foreign oil'. The concept reminds me of Global Ideas Bank - it's easy to navigate, tag and rate the postings.

But you get butter with your sliced bread - the chance to win a $100,000 grand prize if you submmit the best idea. But I'm too late - the contest is over.

The winner is from Seattle, Washington, and his idea "Sustainable Resource Industries" is so broad that I lost a little of my excitement about the site (I know many people dedicating their lives to this idea, and we still have a long way to go).

I wonder whether this will maintain momentum after the contest is over. Has it built the kind of community it needs, and the legitimacy?

Perhaps. The site boasts an interesting line-up of judges. Alongside the contest, a study by the Benenson strategy group involved talking to Americans across 6 cities, and the report found that 'there is no economic policy in this country that serves the average American.'

Hear that, Senator?

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